Just tell us your idea, Imomo Industrial designers and structural designers can always make the thoughts come true.


Imomo has strategy cooperation with our supplier chain, like spare parts, package, most products lead time within 10 days.


Imomo has stable cooperation with 6 logistic companies. We are ready to ship all over the world at competitive costs.


Wireless Earbuds

Imomo emphasizes on Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds product line. Since June, 2016, We have worked on more than 40 models of wireless earbuds.

We design and start moulds in our own factory, and also get exclusive sale agency from our other suppliers.

In 2019, we export 100k-300k units of wireless earbuds each month to Japan market. We are proud that we are at the forefront of the bluetooth earbuds industry.

In-Ear Headphones

Imomo’s In-Ear Headphones, are oriented toward middle-high end markets.

Most bluetooth earphones are with CSR or Qualcomm chips, but we also are good at Broadcom chip.

We are professional with earphones of dual driver speakers, and also we have headphones of latest Experience Balance Armature Speaker, which are for music buffs, or professional musicians.

Over-Ear Headset

Our ANC bluetooth Over-Ear Headset get a lot positive feedbacks from our clients.

We pay more attention to noise cancelling technology, and We tried different materials to make the headset to be lighter and more comfort.

Elegant design, nice packaging, we have considered your concerns.






” I absolutely love these earbuds. They fit great and are actually comfortable to wear!

I have a hard time with headphones and ear buds as they typically don’t fit right or fallout while i jog or walk around. Not these puppies. They stay in place. Sound quality is excellent.

They give you the ability to skip songs, pause or replay. Pairing was super easy. I turned on while putting in my ear by pushing the control button and it prompted me it was in pair mode! Went into my phone and was connected in less than 10 seconds.

Came with extra ear tips in various sizes, ear hook covers and a Micro USB charging cable. Might need to pick up a second set for the wife so she stops stealing them.”

—–Mark Herron

”I freaking love these things!!!! I opened the box stuck them in my ears and the one in the right ear said pairing and then said right side and the one on the left said left.

Paired with my phone instantly and I was listening to my playlist in seconds! Just made a phone call and was told I sounded great and of course they sounded great also!!!

They are small and fit right inside the ear, no boom beside the cheek or wire over the ear. I am super stoked that I found these! The only thing I am not sure about is the battery life, I will at that to my review when I know more.


—–Beau Steward